Hipp UK Stage 1 Organic Formula

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HiPP UK Stage 1 Combiotic First Infant Milk Formula.

The best possible nutrition for your child from 0-6 months at the best price.

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HiPP Stage 1 Combiotic First Infant Milk Formula - UK VersionHiPP Stage 1 Combiotic First Infant Milk Formula (800g) - United Kingdom Version is one of the organic baby formula products from one of the best European baby food companies. It contains prebiotics from GOS fibers for a healthy gut, essential fatty acids for brain and neural development, and all of the vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy start. The organic products used in all of HiPP’s products come from biodynamic agriculture. This means that the farmers add to the life and longevity of their soil and livestock.

HiPP Stage 1 Combiotic 0+ Months means that it is suitable for babies from birth on. It is ideal as a supplement to breastfeeding or as the primary source of infant nutrition.


HiPP UK Stage 1 - United Kingdom Version is made with all of the natural ingredients that a baby needs to thrive. It contains the nutrients that are required by law for nutrition, but it does not have any of the additives and artificial ingredients that are found in some traditional infant formulas.

HiPP Stage 1 is easy on an infant’s developing digestive system and supports the gut with prebiotic fibers. This aids immunity and bowel movements as well as digestion.

HiPP Stage 1 Combiotic 0+ Months is a product of Germany made for the United Kingdom market. However it is available to buy in the USA online. Stage 1 and the other stages of HiPP products can be found on our website.

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Verified Customer Reviews

Happy baby
Posted by Cassie on Oct 25th 2019

My son has been a happy baby since we started him on HiPP. No more gas or fussiness, which puts both of us at ease. Glad to see it come to my doorstep when I need it.

Love it!
Posted by Tara A. on Oct 22th 2019

My BFF swears by HiPP and I’m glad she told me about it. It doesn’t get foamy like my other brand did. It smells better too! I wish we would have started on it sooner, but I’m thrilled to have it now.

From supplement to all in
Posted by Erica on Oct 24th 2019

When I couldn’t produce enough milk, HiPP saved the day. We started it as a supplement until she was completely weaned off of breast milk. The switch was easy and she has been taking it well ever since.

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About HiPP Organic

HiPP is one of the oldest organic baby food companies in Germany. Not only is it a leader in organic and biodynamic products, but it is a leader in sustainability. Despite being a large company, it has reduced water and energy consumption in its efforts to improve its ecobalance. It even recycles about 97 percent of its waste. Overall HiPP makes over 260 products including baby food and baby formula. The company has been managed by members of the HiPP family for decades.

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